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The Sony Xperia Sola-A Look Around This New Device

Press release   •   Mar 24, 2012 06:09 GMT

Sony have added yet another model to their growing range of Xperia mobile smartphones. The new Sony Xperia Sola offers something a little different from the other devices in the range in the shape of a new touch free display which is joined by some other excellent features. We take a look at what users can expect from this superb new model.

The stand out feature on the new Sony Xperia Sola in undoubtedly the new type screen that it uses. The capacitive touchscreen can perform just like any other smartphone by responding to the users touch but it also features a second set of sensors that enable it to register input without the user physically touching the display. Software that supports this new type of navigation is very limited at present but as more app developers accommodate this technology its popularity is sure to grow. The screen itself is capable of displaying a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels on its 3.7 inch display which equates to an impressive pixel density of 262PPI.

In the processing department the new Sola makes use of a dual core Nova Thor processor which is clocked at 1Ghz. This powerful processor should ensure that the phone delivers fast operation speeds for all manner of different tasks while the dual cores are great for consumers looking to use the device for multi tasking. A reasonable 8GB of internal storage capacity is available on the model which should prove ample for the average phone user but should a little more space be required there is a micro SD card slot is available that can accept cards up to 32GB in size. This gives the Sola a potential total storage capacity of 40GB.

Like most modern mobile phones the Sony Xperia Solacomes armed with a great camera package that enables users to record video footage and capture still photographs on the phone. The model is capable of recording video footage at a resolution of 720P which may not be as high as the 1080P resolution that some phones offer but can still be classified as High Definition. In the photography department the device can snap images at 5 mega pixel resolution. The model features some other additional features that will attract many consumers to the handset. NFC technology is included so great features such as Google Wallet can be used and GPS is also present so the model can be used as a satellite navigation device if required.

The Sony Xperia Sola is an impressive new mobile phone. The device is designed to compete at the mid range of the smartphone market and innovative new features such as the touch free display may well attract consumers who are looking for something a little different than what the majority of modern phones can offer.

The Sony Xperia Sola is coming soon and the Sony Xperia S is available now.

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