The Swedish brand Krusell launches a smart new line of wallet cases.

Press Release   •   May 05, 2014 07:48 BST

The Swedish case manufacturer Krusell continues to renew the product range. This spring/summer collection is a sleek line of wallet cases with smart functions such as the contactless payment- and travel card slot, multiple slots for money or credit cards, all assembled in a nice design. The wallet collection named Kalmar is aimed at the urban man and woman who want to carry and protect all their necessities in a One Case Solution.

Kalmar was one of Sweden’s most important cities during the renaissance and has been the basis for the inspiration of this collection. Today Kalmar is a modern city - but wherever you go, you can feel the echoes of history.

By launching the Kalmar collection Krusell is introducing premium bonded leather into their assortment line-up. Krusell is setting another standard in combining innovative, natural material with positive impact to the environment.

Krusell has teamed up with Cromwell Leather Group to present customers the latest introduction of unique material that will perform and satisfy on all levels. The bonded leather is produced exclusively in Valencia, Spain and contains a minimum of 70% leather fibers. These cowhide fibers are recycled and bonded with material from renewable sources such as natural latex from Hevea trees.

The processed leather sheets are tanned applying same methods as leather hides and finally finished using water based systems only in order to adhere to green manufacturing principles. The result is a beautiful crafted material, with excellent touch, quality and performance properties, that provides that warm, natural leather aroma.

-  The result of launching the Kalmar wallet collection Krusell is moving one step further towards the merge of fashion accessories and electronic devices. Today the smartphone becomes as obvious as bringing your wallet with you once you go somewhere says Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director at Krusell.

-  We see that your ‘carry along accessories’ are merging with your smartphone as well as parts of your wallet has moved into your smart device through payment app services, electronic keys etc. Hence it is pretty natural that you want to wear your wallet and your smartphone in a One Case Solution. With that aspect in mind the Kalmar wallet collection offers a great solution, he ends.

With its wide product range, Krusell has a total of more than 600 various cases that fits more than 5000 various electronic devices. The new Kalmar collection will hit stores worldwide in May 2014.

The Krusell Group with 200 million SEK in turnover and more than 500 employees around the globe, is a Swedish lifestyle-house in which several consumer electronic brands reside such as Krusell, Walk On Water and Motorheadphones. After more than 20 years in the mobile phone industry, Krusell Group is established as one of the leading companies in its niche. Besides cases for smart phones, Krusell also develop, manufacture and sell laptop-, tablet cases and audio products. Moreover, Krusell is a subcontractor to Sony, Samsung, Garmin, Koenigsegg and Fuji Film.