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The Tailored Group Confirm Rapid Success of Canada Expansion

Press Release   •   Apr 17, 2018 14:06 BST

The Tailored Group brought Quarter 4 of 2017 to a close by taking on the Canadian market. Four months on the sales and marketing innovator is happy to report significant success in the country.

The Tailored Group: About the firm

The Tailored Group has confirmed on multiple occasions that 2018 is set to be a transformative year for the company, with plans in the works to become the most dominant outsourced sales and marketing force within the USA. However, this week the firm revealed that since late November 2017, it has been operating a series of campaigns for a major non-profit organization in Toronto, Canada, which have so far garnered fantastic results for its client.

This expansion into North America and one of the largest countries in the world opens up a wealth of opportunity for The Tailored Group, which as a company is focusing on broadening its market reach in the coming months. As one of the world's top ten trading nations, with a highly globalized economy, the country is home to five major cities which each boast unique economic advantages. The largest city and the location of The Tailored Group’s expansion; Toronto is recognized as one of the most liberal and multicultural cities in the world. Other cities, such as the country’s capital Ottawa is known for being a center of education and is home to many celebrated learning institutions. Vancouver is believed to be the most linguistically diverse city in Canada and rank in the worlds top five for the quality of life. Both pose incredible potential for the firm should they decide to capitalize on their current success in North America and push for further expansion in the Canadian market.

With operations on track, President of The Tailored Group, James Sagar is preparing to travel to Canada at the end of the month to attend a series of conferences for the country’s sales and marketing entrepreneurs. With the first conference taking place in Toronto on April 24th, the trip will allow Mr. Sagar a chance to witness the firm’s expansion success first-hand, before heading to Montreal on the 25th.

The Tailored Group specialize in pop-up events, retail and in-store promotions. Through direct interaction and exceptional service, the firm can enable longevity between clients and customers, which helps facilitate growth and has led to the firm becoming a go-to force for result driven marketing.


President- James Sagar

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