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The Tailored Group Finalizes First Stage of Major U.S Growth Plan

Press release   •   Mar 05, 2018 14:26 GMT

President of The Tailored Group, James Sagar leaped into 2018 with some impressive goals for the firm. This week, the sales and marketing specialist confirmed that plans for its first expansion of 2018 are well underway.

The Tailored Group: About the firm

An industry leader in direct marketing and outsourced sales, The Tailored Group has announced ambitious plans to take the company further than ever before. Confirming his goal of growing The Tailored Group to become the nationwide leader for its telecommunication client, President, James Sagar outlined how the firm will be focusing on opening a plethora of offices in new markets across the USA by the end of quarter one.

Staying true to his word, this week James Sagar of The Tailored Group announced that the first stage of this expansion is already underway and is set to be finalized in the next four to five weeks.

The location for this expansion has been confirmed as Savannah, Georgia. Taking the firm to the easternmost point of Georgia will give The Tailored Group significant reach across the state, making it the most dominant outsourced sales and marketing force in the region.

Savannah is an exciting new location for The Tailored Group. The oldest city in Georgia, today it’s the Industrial center of the state and the third largest metropolitan area. The city boasts a fast-growing population with a 2016 census estimating a population of 539,753 in its metro area alone. This developing demographic is fantastic news for the firm and has the potential to deliver exceptional results for its clients once its campaigns are underway in the city.

The Tailored Group recently returned from a trip to Savannah, where management was scoping out potential new office premises. The firm returned from the trip in high spirits and is confident that this first stage of its 2018 growth plan is on track to be a success.


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