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The Tailored Group Ramp Up the Momentum in the Run Up to Award Season

Press Release   •   Apr 17, 2018 14:07 BST

After recently being celebrated as a pacesetter within the sales and marketing world, Atlanta based The Tailored Group is leading by example as the industry’s official award season inches closer.

The Tailored Group: About the firm

This week The Tailored Group announced it is gearing up to attend two of the sales and marketing industries biggest VIP events. First up, on May 12th President of The Tailored Group James Sagar will be traveling to London, England, to represent his organization at the UK’s Annual Sales and Marketing Awards. Held at Royal Festival Hall, a 2,500-seat concert venue situated on the edge of the river Thames, the event will host inspirational talks from industry leaders and reveal who will be going home with the most sought-after awards in sales and marketing.

In the first week of June, Mr. Sagar will be attending a ceremony a little closer to home. Held in Jacksonville, Florida the regional East Coast Awards will bring together new and seasoned professionals to celebrate the growth of the industry over the last 12 months, and reward the key players paving the way for future innovation.

After receiving an award last month at a Leadership Conference in Chicago for setting the pace in the industry, James Sagar is determined to embrace this responsibility and maintain momentum in the lead up to this year’s award galas. ‘Momentum is a science, you need a big burst of initial energy to start something great, just like a chemical reaction, but then you also need to know what to do next to build on this activation energy.’ States Mr. Sagar.

To sustain its success the president is encouraging his workforce to do something every day that moves them one step closer to their overall goals, no matter how small this task may be. The President is also eager to stress that while making small progress doesn’t always feel like it’s making a big difference, celebrating every little win is the secret to increased productivity and happiness. ‘In the run-up to award season, we’re continuing to recognize and reward every accomplishment. We’ve had an incredible start to the year and believe this approach will sustain this success’. Concludes The Tailored Group President.


President- James Sagar

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