Paying for Care

The UK Elderly Feel Neglected

Press release   •   Mar 29, 2012 09:57 BST

54% of pensioners surveyed feel ageism is not taken seriously enough in Britain and 46% believe the current social care system is not tailored to meet the needs of the elderly. Moreover, the number of seniors who get access to long term care is going down, along with the quality of that care.

Seniors do not receive adequate care

A recent poll shows that over half of care home residents are denied basic health services. About 25% of respondents are not given a choice of male or female carers to help them use the bathroom, while others have to wait for up to 3 months for formal medical checks. Most shockingly, in a quarter of nursing homes members of staff are unsure about the health care services their residents expect to get.

The cost does not reflect the quality

Meanwhile, the cost of care continues to grow, with England being the most expensive region to look for a nursing home in. Some pensioners may have to splash out over £45,000 a year, especially the so-called ‘self-funders’ whose capital is more than £23,500 and who are, therefore, considered ineligible for local council funding. The rising fees are partly due to governmental cuts and partly due to the increase in energy costs. However, this does not mean that seniors will be receiving higher quality care by paying more.

The system of social care is in crisis

Today thousands of people have to sell their property to finance their residence in nursing homes but those who manage to get there are not treated properly. New figures show that some care homes spend as little as £15.86 a week per resident and only £2.27 of that amount accounts for the daily food budget. At the root of the crisis is the difference between the governmental funding and the real cost of care.

Despite the shocking figures reflecting the current state of the UK social care system, there are still care homes and nurses providing quality services. Yet the whole system should be re-organised to ensure that every senior and care seeker in particular can get access to quality care anytime anywhere.

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