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Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2011 17:07 GMT

While government departments are shedding staff this year in a bid to meet new fiscal rationalisation guidelines, one giant of the private sector will be augmenting its ranks prodigiously.

Microsoft has promised to establish 4000 jobs in Great Britain this year, in addition to the 9000 positions it has made available in the past two years.  Britain Works was the scheme the corporation launched in 2009, and via that initiative, skilled apprenticeship offers are extended to IT prospects, together with assistance to entrepreneurs to set up new business ventures.

“That’s not counting,” said Gordon Frazer, Microsoft’s UK’s managing director, “the training that the scheme accords people who want to train for existing positions.”

Respected executive employment consultancy UK Knack Group’s managing director attended a meeting of business leaders at the Prime Minister’s house in Downing Street early this week, and commented, “Frazer’s on the right track.  His training scheme gets young blokes off the dole queue, out of that welfare dependency mind-set and sets them up with useful skills in the fastest-growing industry of our age.   That’s with invaluable assistance from the National Apprenticeship Service.”

It is Microsoft’s intention to have established also within the next four months - as well as the technical support apprenticeship - new technical sales and software development apprenticeships for the brighter recruits.

UK Knack Group’s managing director concluded his remarks by saying, “What impresses me most is that Microsoft has set a target of assisting half a million people into work by next year.”

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