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The UK two man home delivery market is estimated to be valued at over £500m in 2015

Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2016 13:36 GMT

Apex Insight has published a new report on the UK two man home delivery market. The report provides a market analysis of the UK two man home delivery market. The report quantifies the market size, historical growth rates and levels of industry profitability. It also includes an in-depth analysis of the relevant drivers of industry growth setting out historical trends and available forecasts. It profiles the leading providers of two man home delivery services in the UK, ranked by turnover. Our forecast for industry growth is based on this analysis of historical trends and growth drivers.

What are the sources and methodology

The sources of data used within this report are derived from publicly available data, third-party analysts, company reports and websites and companies house data.

Apex Insight has used a number of assumptions to build the estimated market data contained within the report. We have used third-party market valuations of the key product segments applicable to two man home delivery.

These are products such as washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge freezers, sofas, dining room tables, bed frames, divans and mattresses.

We have not included brown goods in the market assumptions as we took the view that brown goods would be delivered by courier using one man, although we concede that large televisions sometimes require two man delivery.

Apex Insight has used assumptions about average cost of delivery for certain product categories, as well as average cost of assembly and connection for certain items. We have also made assumptions about average cost of disposal on a per product category basis. Further, we have made assumptions about the likely consumer take-up of these services on a per product category basis.

The data was cross correlated against revenues of specialist two man home delivery companies, volumes for specific two man delivery contracts and other anecdotal information. This was carried out to confirm our market estimations.


The two man delivery market in the UK (often referred to as ‘white glove’ delivery) consists of a driver and a mate, delivery large, bulky or specialist items to consumers or businesses, often involving assembly, installation, fitting and removal of packaging and old items. We look principally at the market for deliveries of large items to residential customers, as Apex Insight believes this is much the largest segment of two man delivery. The market for two man home delivery has evolved over the years to become a specialist delivery market in the UK.

The market comprises three separate segments:

(1) delivery
(2) assembly / connection and
(3) disposal.

The UK two man home delivery market is estimated to be valued at over £500m in 2015, growing in line with UK demand for large ticket items. This value relates to both in-house and outsourced deliveries. A sizeable proportion of this market is outsourced to specialist delivery providers.

The key market drivers for two man home delivery are:

– sales of large-ticket items requiring two men to deliver, assemble or fit the items (typically furniture and large domestic appliances)
– the volume of residential housing transactions, which are a primary driver of demand for big ticket items
– the offer and take up of premium services, such as next day delivery and installation and assembly services
– regulations regarding the recycling and disposal of items that are taken away from customer premises
– levels of customer service and the efficiency of customer communications to ensure first time no-fault delivery
– delivery staff training and qualifications
– management of product returns and rejected items

There a handful of specialist providers of two man home delivery services in the UK. The leading players in the UK two man delivery market have cemented their positions through acquisition and strategic specialisation. Leading companies include Wincanton, Expert Logistics (AO), Arrow XL (Yodel), CEVA Logistics, Panther Warehousing, DX Group, Breezemount, Panther Group, DSV Solutions and DHD Direct. Operating margins vary, with the highest at 13.3%, and the lowest posted at -1.0%.

The two man home delivery market is forecast to reach over £600m by 2020. Overall, the market growth will mirror the growth in the market for these large ticket items.

See more at: https://www.apex-insight.com/product/uk-two-man-home-delivery-market-insight-report-2016

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