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The White iPhone 4 Is Now Here

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 15:17 GMT

Ever since the iPhone 4 rolled out of the mobile market, it has started a craze. There were seas of people who wanted to get their hands on the handset made by Apple. It came with features and capabilities that we thought never possible. Now, you can enjoy the same features in a different color. Now, you can enjoy the popular smartphone in white.

The handset is known for a number of features. With the white version, you can enjoy the same features in a different color. One of the features that you are sure to appreciate is the phone’s engineered glass. This is the same technology the Motorola Defy, the Milestone 2, and the new Artix come with. This protective glass is remarkably thin and yet remarkably tough. It is highly resistant to scratches and can take a lot of pressure. Regardless of being tough, it still gives the device a lustrous finish. It is smooth, clear, and cold to the touch.

The handset comes with a 1 GHz processor that is powerful and energy efficient. The Apple A4 chip can handle complex tasks such as video editing, video conferencing, 3D gaming, and multitasking. You get to enjoy all of this power without wasting too much battery life. This means that you get to enjoy the white iPhone 4’s features for hours upon hours at a time.

With the smartphone by Apple, you are sure to end up with multimedia masterpieces. With the phone’s 5 MP camera and LED flash, you are sure to capture images in high-resolution and record videos in high-definition. Regardless of the lighting conditions, you will always come out with a masterpiece. Furthermore, you can quickly upload your videos and photos with the phone’s high-speed internet capabilities.

If you love Apple apps, this is the most ideal device to run them on. In fact, there are over 350,000 of these apps to choose from. All you have to do is visit the app store from the smartphone and download the app that you find interesting. Not only will this make the phone more unique; this will also make the white iPhone 4 even better.

The White iPhone 4 is a white version of the iPhone 4.

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