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Third party Apple Mac Repairs looking gradually more difficult

Press Release   •   Aug 27, 2012 09:14 BST

If you’ve taken delivery of a new Retina MacBook Pro, it's time to consider and ensure your repair and warranty options including gadget insurance are available. MacEmergency suggest ensuring you have taken out the the extended AppleCare warranty as the way things are turning out the longer you can keep your machine covered by Apple, the better. This model, albeit beautiful on the outside and inside is a hardware system where most components are glued or soldered into place making any repair complicated to say the least.

MacBook Pro Repair may be a thing of the past...

Sourcing replacement components for the Retina MacBook Pro is almost impossible at this time. Due to the laptop’s design, even if components were more likely to be available third-party repairs would definitely not be cheap. iFixit estimate you might pay $500 to replace the internal battery and the process involved can be dangerous: "Puncturing Lithium-polymer batteries releases noxious fumes and can cause fires."

Depending on changes to manufacturing such internal parts and mass production might make repairs and upgrades for MacBook Pro's easier although this remains to be seen right now. You can be sure the technical team at MacEmergency will continue to monitor the situation regarding nee Apple desktops such as the iMac and laptops such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in the hope that when these models are out of warranty they continue to be useable, and easy to repair and recycle. We'll keep you posted on any related developments and news.

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