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Three UK Now Offering The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2012 13:17 BST

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is not as famous as its bigger and powerful Galaxy siblings right now, but nevertheless, this handset is another mid-range Android phone that is making its way into the UK Market. This is all thanks to Three UK.

If you are not familiar about this handset or its predecessor, then let me tell you about last year’s Samsung Galaxy Ace and today’s Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. The first Galaxy Ace comes in with a 3.5” TFT capacitive touch screen while the newer Galaxy Ace 2 comes in with a 3.8” TFT capacitive touch screen. Both of the handsets originally ships with Android Gingerbread as their OS. The Galaxy Ace is powered by an 800MHz ARM 11 single-core processor while the Galaxy Ace 2 is powered by 800MHz dual-core processor. These are just some of the offerings of these budget-friendly Android handsets by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace was able to penetrate the European market and be successful there. People are now expecting the same with its predecessor the Galaxy Ace 2. Why not? With its beefed up processor and now bigger display screen, it can sure attract more clients than its predecessor. There is also the modest price point as its best-selling point.

Three UK is now selling it as SIM-free handset with a tag price of $363 or £229.99 outright. But if this is not for you, then you can buy one for free with plans starting at $35 or £22/month. There is more, for lower monthly fees, you can choose to pay a bit for the handset, and have your plan go down to as little as $24 or £15/month.

Aside from the features mentioned earlier, this handset comes in with a 5MP auto-focus camera and TouchWiz User Interface (UI) on top of its Android Gingerbread OS.

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