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Thule Adventure Team in the lead in the Adventure Race World Championships, Costa Rica

Press Release   •   Dec 05, 2013 14:00 GMT

After almost three days of tough mountain biking, trekking and kayaking in Costa Rica´s mangrove swamp, Thule Adventure Team is in the lead in the Adventure Race World Championships.

The Adventure Race World Championships started Monday, December 2 at 2 p.m. local time in Costa Rica, and after almost three days, Thule Adventure Team is in the lead, and has been so for most of the race. The team has now finished five out of 13 stages and has raced about 340 out of the total 804 km. In this moment they have a four hour mandatory stop before they can continue on the course.

Thule Adventure Team has kept up good speed and made few navigational mistakes on the challenging course. Thule Adventure Team and Team Seagate, winner of the 2012 World Championships, has been leading the way, switching positions all along the way from the start and are now a bit ahead from the following teams.   

The course runs over 800 km across the country, from coast to coast, Pacific to Atlantic, and from border to border, Nicaragua to Panama. There is a wide variety of terrain, from long beach walks to ascents of more than 1,000 meters, going up to 3,800 meters of rugged rocky hills.

About the Thule Crew

Thule Crew was initiated in 2013. Following Thule´s mission Spend more time outdoors the members of Thule Crew are chosen to inspire us to live a more active life. And displays of passion and a dedication to the outdoors are all intricate parts of being a member.  With a caring attitude towards man and nature, all Thule Crew members are committed and active role models within their disciplines. 

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