Timesulin heading East with new South Korean distribution partner

Press release   •   Apr 03, 2013 10:10 BST

London-based Timesulin has just entered into an exclusive partnership with ContacKorea, one of the area’s leading diabetes distributors who now adds the smart replacement cap for insulin pens to their medical device portfolio of products. This partnership introduces Timesulin to the Asian market for the first time and aims to ease worry and anxiety of people with diabetes around their insulin administration - this time focusing on the more than 4 million people living with Type 1 and advanced Type 2 diabetes in South Korea.

Timesulin is a new brand to the global diabetes care platform, first launched to consumers in Europe during February 2012. The smart replacement cap is compatible with all major insulin pen brands and has an incorporated timer to show users how long it’s been since their last insulin injection to help avoid missed or accidental double insulin doses – a major cause for anxiety for those living with diabetes, as well as their caregivers.

After a phenomenal response to the Timesulin product in Europe, the company has since forged strategic partnerships in other areas around the globe, today having distribution partners in more than 45 countries. Timesulin Chief Commercial Officer, Anna Tenstam Lundvall, says: “The partnership with ContacKorea builds on a long-standing relationship with much mutual respect and is the perfect partner for us to launch Timesulin to the Asian market.” And ContacKorea CEO, Honggil Han agrees, “We are very happy with formalizing this partnership. We believe Timesulin will be very helpful for South Korean patients and we feel confident about mutual success in the area for both Timesulin and us.”

Timesulin was created in 2010 based on the needs of co-founder and CEO, John Sjölund, who created this simple solution along with his brother and a third partner. Timesulin is currently compatible with the FlexPen from Novo Nordisk, the SoloStar insulin pen from Sanofi, and the KwikPen from Lilly. For additional information, please visit www.timesulin.com.

About Timesulin

Timesulin is a replacement cap with a built-in timer that turns any insulin pen into a ‘smart pen’ to show how long it’s been since the last insulin injection, easing daily worries for people living with diabetes by helping to  prevent accidental missed or double doses.