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Tinder For Cats – The latest way to waste your time.

Press Release   •   Aug 26, 2015 19:00 BST

Is a “Tinder for Cats” App a contender for the stupidest thing the internet has ever done? Well that’s certainly what Alex Gale, a serial entrepreneur from Sweden and the brains behind “Top Catz” is hoping. He wants to ride in the wake of the cool Nordic country’s big-hitters Spotify and Skype to start-up success of his own.

Cats may be popular on the internet, but do they really want to use an app on their phones to find dates or casual hook-ups with other cats in their area and social circle? For that matter, how many cats have a smart-phone and can they even use their paws to swipe left or right on the latest LED-backlit widescreen Multi‑Touch display?

“The answer to those questions are simple,” says Alex from the achingly hip Stockholm office space SUP46, “No, and then again, No.”

“Top Catz isn’t about finding breeding partners or even casual flings for your cat. Most people have them neutered or spayed these days don’t they? Or else they just pee all over the house and eventually go feral.” He continues.

So what is “Top Catz” then? Is it a reaction to the ridiculous crowd mentality or the seriousness with which people in tech and the start-up scene in general take themselves?

“You could be onto something there.” Says Alex who’s perched atop a brunch bar made from disused pallets, an aesthetic which he’s been told by a “rockstar- investor” encourages the creative mind.

(NB. A Rockstar Investor is not a successful musician turned investor, rather a very rich person that entrepreneurs want to make feel important and sexy by giving them a cool sounding name.)

“Honestly, I’ve been involved in start-ups for a few years now and after a while it seems like everything is an “Uber for this…” or a “Facebook for that…” A “Twitter for Sailors” an “Airbnb for Coat Hooks” after a little while I thought, I want some of that! What’s really popular? Cats. That’ll do.”

But Top Catz is something new, an App for posting your own cat and rating those of others, a “Hot or Not” for cats, if you will. You can even vote on cats if you don’t have a cat, swiping right to up-vote the cat and left to reduce its score. It’s really addictive, and if you have your own cat on the app of course you want it to be the most popular cat in the world!

“It started as me taking the mickey out of things and then I went and took it too far,” says Alex. “I actually made this thing!”

Top Catz is available for iphone from the appstore _here:

With a release planned for Android in the Autumn.

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Top Catz is a light hearted, slightly satirical take on tech.