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Tiny Acts of Kindness NEVER go Unnoticed Confirms Purple Reign.

Press Release   •   Jan 03, 2018 15:50 GMT

Sales and Marketing Start-Up  Purple Reign has exploded onto the market and is set to see a hugely successful 2018. The firm has confirmed that part of its initial success has been due to the company culture it has created, and how it’s promoting small acts of kindness in the workplace.

About the firm -

Purple Reign, has gone a long way to improve the customer buying experience through committed in-person communications. The business offers their clients an all-inclusive outsourcing package, taking care of everything from market research to campaign design and execution. The company is dedicated to delivering the best results and rely on their ability to form meaningful, positive connections with customers.

The sales and marketing industry is immensely fast-paced, with everyone working towards their targets and personal goals.

Purple Reign believes this happiness can be created through tiny acts of kindness and these acts can go a long way to create a stronger workforce.A recent study has confirmed with Purple Reign, that these acts of kindness go a long way to creating a happy working environment. The study by the University of California recruited people to perform small but noticeable acts of kindness towards co-workers, without them noticing. These small actions added up and made people feel happier about working together. And receivers would pay the deed forwards to others in the company, creating cycles of generosity.

Purple Reign believe these acts of kindness help to build skills and confidence in addition to being vital to creating a sense of belonging. Some of the small acts of kindness the firm encourages include supporting each other, skills sharing, rewarding all achievements and sharing success stories. 


Managing Director 

Leopold Johnson