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Tired of folding and inserting mail by hand? Great reasons to use Folding and Inserting equipment

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2009 16:55 GMT

Letter folding & inserting machines save time and money by automating tedious manual tasks, allowing you and your staff to focus on more productive duties, whilst achieving rapid return on investment.  There's a machine for every size of business, from desktop to floor-standing, allowing you to manage your business and promotional mailings more efficiently.

Here are some useful reasons why your business should start using a folder inserter.


Save money by automating tasks

Did you know it costs more than 5p to fill an envelope by hand? Say you were sending 3000 letters and invoices a month, this process could take over 30 working hours*. If staff are being paid the minimum wage of £5.73 per hour, ‘envelope stuffing’ will cost your business over £170 a month, just to fill and seal envelopes!

Envelope inserting machines will fold, insert, or fold and insert your direct mail, invoices, statements, cheques etc, place them into an envelope and seal them ready for posting, helping to maximise efficiency and remove unnecessary costs from your business. (*based upon the average person filling 100 envelopes per hour)


Save time: process your mail over 13 times faster than by hand!

The average person can fold, insert and seal up to 100 envelopes per hour. The quality of insertion will decrease if the number of items to be folded and inserted increases. This can also be a very time consuming process which is not cost effective. By using a Folder Inserter, you can process your mail 13 times faster* than folding and inserting by hand; and staff are free to complete more valuable tasks. (*Based upon 100 envelopes per hour processed by hand compared to 1350 envelopes per hour processed by machine.) 


Save at least 22p per item mailed!

If you fold your A4 size documents into DL or C5 envelopes, you can save on your postal costs by qualifying for the less expensive ‘letter tariff’, saving you 22p* on each first class item mailed. If you are using a franking machine, you would be saving 25p per item. These savings become more substantial when you are processing larger amounts of mail. So if your average mailshot is 1000 items, that’s a saving of £250. (*Based upon the first class stamp price of a ‘large letter’ costing 61p. By folding the contents and inserting into a smaller ‘letter' envelope, this cost is reduced to 39p).


Make money with every mailing

Not only will folder inserters save you time and money, they can also make more money for you! By inserting extra promotional items into your regular mail, you could transform the value of your business communications. Mailing campaigns are also easier to complete, and you may not require outside specialists or extra staff as your folder inserter can process mail in a matter of moments.


Professional looking mail piece

Effective communication starts with a professional - looking mail piece. Not only can the letter folding machine achieve a crisp precise fold, it can also collate and assemble all documents before folding them. The recipient then opens the envelope and all the documents are presented together, always in the right order. The folding and inserting equipment will also guarantee that the address is positioned correctly in the window of the envelope. This is crucial when you are accessing Royal Mail postal discount programmes, as the address must be machine readable and positioned according to Royal Mail specifications.

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