Tissue paper market driven by increasing demand from the developing world

Press Release   •   Jun 24, 2013 14:35 BST

The tissue paper market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% through to 2016, driven by the increasing demand of tissue paper for personal hygiene, and the increase in the number of international trips between the western and eastern worlds.

Hygienic tissue paper is commonly used for facial tissue (paper handkerchiefs), napkins, bathroom tissue and household towels. Paper has been used for hygiene purposes for centuries, but tissue paper as we know it today was not produced in USA before the mid-1940s. In Western Europe large scale industrial production started in the beginning of 1960s.

The tissue paper industry, along with the rest of the paper manufacturing sector, has worked hard to minimise its impact on the environment. Recovered fibres now represent some 46.5% of the paper industry's raw materials.

The industry relies heavily on biofuels (about 50% of its primary energy) and it is highly energy-efficient. Its specific primary energy consumption has decreased by 16% and the specific electricity consumption has decreased by 11%, due to measures such as improved process technology and investment in combined heat and power (CHP).

Specific carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels decreased by 25% due to process-related measures and the increased use of low-carbon and biomass fuels. Once consumed, most forest-based paper products start a new life as recycled material or biofuel.

Tissue paper has become a prominent part of the beauty kit worldwide, and is being used instead of cloth napkins to wipe, and clean beauty products that are applied on the human body. Beauticians and retail consumers prefer tissue paper products because they are more cost-effective and hygienic material than cloth material products, and can be thrown away after one use.

It may come as a surprise to the developed world, but in other places across the globe, tissue paper has only recently emerged as a mainstay product-and not just as a washroom necessity, but rather, as an elite status symbol.

Out of the world's estimated production of 60 thousand metric tonnes of tissue, Europe produces approximately six million tonnes. The European tissue market is worth approximately 10 billion Euros annually and is growing at a rate of around 3%.

The European market represents around 23% of the global market. Of the total paper and board market tissue accounts for 10%. In North America, people are consuming around three times as much tissue as in Europe.

For more information on the tissue paper market, see the latest research: Tissue Paper Market

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