Titania Security

Titania are Pleased to Announce they are a UK Government Supplier after Approval Through New Pilot Scheme

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2013 09:49 GMT

The UK Cyber Growth Partnership (CGP), which brings together government and industry leaders to develop initiatives aimed at growing the UK’s cyber security industry, is running a pilot scheme to enable companies to promote their status as suppliers of cyber security solutions to UK government.

After successfully completing the application process, we are very pleased to announce that Titania has been named as one of the first suppliers in the pilot scheme to be allowed to publicise that it is a cyber security supplier to UK government.

We already promote the fact that we are an international company exporting to 50 countries, and that our software is used extensively across U.S. government departments and agencies. However, we are delighted that we can now also promote the fact that our network security and compliance audit software is used by UK government. Ian Whiting, Titania’s CEO, said: “We are committed to supporting the aims and activities of the UK Cyber Growth Partnership.  The ability to promote the fact that we supply to UK government will be of great benefit to us in reinforcing our credentials as an international supplier of cyber security solutions to government and business.”

At Titania we develop cyber security auditing software. We currently provide our flagship product Nipper Studio to global organisations in 40 countries. Nipper Studio allows organisations to produce their own network security audits on network devices without generating network traffic. We have recently launched our new product Paws, (Professional Auditor for Workstations and Servers). This tool enables organisations to produce advanced and intelligent compliance audits on their own network windows based, workstations and laptops.Our customer base is made up largely of organisations in the financial, telecommunications, IT security, and government and defence industries. However any organisation that has sensitive data to protect can benefit from using our network security auditing tools.