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Top 10 features of Yofam Messenger

Press Release   •   Aug 03, 2015 11:32 BST

Every day new messenger apps with striking features are hitting the market. There is a great competition among these products regarding quality and facility. Yofam is the latest messenger app that has made its way to success in the market for its vibrant features. yofam is the messenger app for iPhone with amazing features that provide high-quality chatting facility to the users. yofam is loaded on iTunes for easy messenger app download to enjoy the latest messaging functionality. Here are the top ten features of yofam that make it the first choice for iPhone users. 

1. Time Bomb

Yofam messenger app for iPhone has the latest feature of the Time Bomb. When it is turned ON, it removes the conversation and shared media from yofam interface permanently without any trace. 

2. The BOOM message

The BOOM message is such a unique feature of yofam that helps the user to grab the attention of recipient while chatting. This unique feature is very easy to use. A gentle shake of smartphone makes the recipient’s phone vibrate to the alert.

3. Managing live status

Yofam, the newest in messenger apps, allows the user to manage live status ON and OFF. It enables the user to read the messages from contacts without knowing of everyone about it.

4. VIP list

Using yofam, the user can create a VIP list of favourite contacts to make communication easier with special ones. For adding a contact in VIP, list user has to touch the star next to the saved contact name.

5. Voice messaging

Yofam provides the facility of sending a voice message to your contacts in a very easy way. Just tap the microphone icon and swipe it upwards, record your message and send it to your friend.

6. Crew management

Yofam messenger app for iPhone enables the user of managing a crew containing contacts from different fields of life for a quicker communication with many people at a time. 

7. Sharing of photos and videos

Yofam provides an easy way to share videos and photos with your friends using yofam. It allows the sharing of instantly captured photos with your friends.

8. Data Security

Yofam, available at iTunes for messenger app download, ensures the security of data shared on yofam and also keeps the user safe from uploading of user’s personal data on remote servers without user’s permission.

9. Easy search

Searching of any user in yofam is very easy and quick. The simple steps lead the user to the right person in the contact list. Simply type the person’s name in the search bar, that is saved in your smartphone, and the application will display all contacts having the same name.

10. Simple and easy interface 

Along with latest and amazing features, the most important thing is the simplest and easy to use the user interface of the application.

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