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Top 5 Tips for a Budding Wedding Photographer

Press Release   •   Dec 04, 2015 19:55 GMT

Over the years Surrey Wedding Photographer Caterham photography have been lucky enough to have taken many Weddings in Surrey, Kent, London and South East... The most important five tips that may help you make the most of photographing these special occasions.

1. Be Prepared

Bride and Groom normally have booked their wedding one year ago before their wedding, Use this opportunity to go and checkout the ceremony and reception venue before the wedding. “Fore warned is Fore armed” as they say and this is proof. Take a look at the light levels, how much space is there between you and the alter , are there any obstacles that will get in your way of the bridal procession. This time will be invaluable on the day to know the answers to these questions and more. As a good wedding photographer also check where the best places will be to take group shots or the romantic wedding portraits. It all goes to making the day go smoothly.

2. Pay Attention to Details

 We all know weddings are not cheap. A lot of time and effort would have gone into the decorations, the flowers, table settings all the little things. Remember to take time out to photograph these things in bride and groom's prime. They may have been an important members’ of the family only input on the day so you don’t want to miss it. Many brides (and their mothers ) can spend ages coming up with their colour schemes so give it all due consideration.

3. Catch the Emotion

 This is a day that many will want to remember for years to come for all the right reasons. Concentrate on all the happy smiley people. Try not to waste time on frowns or unenjoyable looking relatives. Capture people unawares. Look to see how the children are playing, people laughing. That is usually a good indication on how good things are going. Couples will want positive happy photos for their albums.

4. Be part of it

As a professional wedding photographer, remember however to always be polite and cheerful on the wedding day. You may want to hide in the shadows and just snap away. Sooner or later though, you are going to have to get out amongst the guests. So make the most of it. Talk to people use a bit of banter, being inspired, being moved, laughing with them and try to enjoy the day as much as everyone at the wedding.

5. It is the Bride and Groom’s day

At last but not the least, remember you are there to serve the bride and groom. Respect bride and groom's wishes, you may well want to try some fancy shot, but if the couple are not comfortable for it don’t push it. It is their big day you are there to make a record of them so don’t try and take over.

These few pointer are only a fraction of the things that need to go through your mind whilst photographing a wedding. As no two weddings are ever the same always expect the unexpected. The main thing is if you are having fun chances are they are having fun too. Which in the end is what we all want to achieve.

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