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Top end firms pledge to top end jobs say The UK Knack Group

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2011 16:32 GMT

Commercial giants Microsoft, Centrica and Asda inter alia have given prestige executive employment consultants UK Knack Group cause to exult on Britons’ behalf.

UK Knack Group’s managing director announced this morning that the movers-and-shakers of the nation’s business and commercial world have promised to promote economic growth in the UK this year through job creation.

Having confirmed that some 300,000 jobs, many of them new graduate openings, were established in the private sector during the latter half of last year, the Prime Minister David Cameron said he is currently holding serious, and so far productive, talks with private employers to try to convince them to look at an even broader picture.

“The private sector is, as has always been the case, the key to a healthy economy.  We must have capital growth and investment, with more people in work, which means more people both saving and spending”, were the comments of the Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Anything we as a government can do, therefore, to stimulate growth, development and job opportunities must be good for the nation and the quality of our lifestyle.

“My Conservative government’s pledge this year is to create jobs, particularly opportunities for new varsity graduates, and I’m delighted that the major captains of industry have said they’ll pitch in all they can.”

UK Knack Group added, “It’s particularly invigorating for the national morale to see this EEF survey result that predicts a strong performance from Great Britain’s manufacturing sector this year.”