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Top Quality HD On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2011 19:13 GMT

The most anticipated Android smartphone of the year has finally been released. The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus has lived it to much of its hype in most areas but there is one aspect of the model that has received a mixed reception and that is the phones camera facilities. Here we take a closer look at the camera and see if it matches up with the high quality evident on other features of this model.

The decision by Samsung to include a 5 mega pixel camera in this model does seem a little strange. If you take a glance across most other premium smartphones you will notice that an 8 million pixel camera is incorporated on the majority of models. Resolution is not the only factor that influences the final image quality and you only have to take a look at the iPhone 4 to see this. The quality of the camera sensor is equally as important and the Galaxy Nexus uses a sensor of the highest quality. This more than compensates for the apparent lack of resolution and the only time when you may notice a drop in quality is when your image is viewed on a very large screen. Software processing also plays its part in producing a high standard of photograph and the Android 4.0 platform used on this model is one of the very best for photography fans. In practice the images taken on the Galaxy Nexus are superb with the colours being particularly impressive and warm.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy Nexus impresses is how other areas of the phones software make great use of the camera. The model features a new method of unlocking the phone which is done by facial recognition. This ultimately means that only you can access your phone and when tested we found that the feature works very well. A secondary front facing camera offers a good resolution of 1.3 mega pixels and this means that video calling is possible via a number of different applications including Skype. Video footage is part of the camera feature and this impresses us just as much as the still capture. Resolution wise the device keeps pace with its rivals in this department by offering 1080P resolution. This standard is higher than the alternative 720P HD capture as it squeezes 1080 progressively scanned lines into a frame rather than 720. If you are linking the phone up to a compatable television this is how you get to see your footage at its very best on the big screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus offers a superb quality still camera despite only offering 5 mega pixel resolution. This primary camera is accompanied by an excellent secondary camera and video capture that exceeds what any other model can offer.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4 8GB are available now.

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