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Top Tips For 'Facelifting' Your Shower or Bathroom

Press release   •   Aug 21, 2013 12:58 BST

Number One Tip: Set aside some time and begin your makeover by putting on some rubber gloves  and giving it a really good clean! Pay particular attention to the grout you will be amazed at what a difference cleaning your grout can make (Tips on grout cleaning) . Secondly make sure you clean all the light fittings, take out the light bulb and give it a wipe, clean the shade and marvel at the difference when you turn the light back on! Clean the Mirror(s) and the one job everyone hates the shower doors; try vinegar or half a lemon for something natural and that works. Not forgetting the taps..a great way of making them look like new is to remove the limescaled bit on the end of the tap spout, its called an aerator or regulator and replace it with a new one that will not only make your taps look like new but will also get rid of splashing and save you water! For under a tenner this has to be a winner.

Once you are satisfied with your sparkling clean and fresh room and have enjoyed a workout in getting it that way. Have a break and a cuppa and get on line and check out some replacement shower heads and hoses. This is a great way of transforming the look of your room without having to take out a mortgage or get a plumber! There are some super quality products out there from large make a statement mirrored shower heads to sleek cylindrical as well as 'Eco Air' ones if you want to save water and money and still have a great shower! Don't forget to look at the satin smooth shower hoses which when installed make your shower look really expensive. With prices starting from only £19.99 this is a great value for money investment.

Now for the toilet...obviously sparkling and clean after all your hard work, why not think about a new toilet seat? This is yet another simple way you can create a brand new look without spending a fortune, whether you decide to go for the warmth of a wooden seat (you can then co-ordinate with accessories, like a new toilet roll holder, mirror and even a bath panel if you really want to complete the look), or a bespoke pattern design or just a soft closing seat this is a great way to freshen up your room. Have a look at Thomas Crapper and Heritage Bathrooms for the more traditional ranges as well as fun ranges this beach hut scene is perfect for that something different.

We do hope you have enjoyed some of our top tips for refreshing your bath or shower room, please do contact us if you have any other great ideas.

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