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Touch Free Display On The Sony Xperia Sola

Press release   •   Mar 18, 2012 09:12 GMT

Sony have been hard at work producing an impressive range of models for their 2012 range and a fourth device has just been announced. The new Sony Xperia Sola is essentially a mid range device but the model offers some screen technology that makes it a little different from every other handset currently available.

The Sony Xperia Sola incorporates a 3.7inch display that is capable of displaying a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. The relatively small display means that the model can offer a high pixel density of 265 pixels per inch. Most phones that are currently available work on a standard capacitive touch panel that incorporates sensors that enable the screen to register two individual points of contact. This type of technology is known as mutual capacitance but the Sola uses a new type of screen which means that users do not have to physically touch the display. There is a traditional touch sensor present on the screen but there is also a separate self capacitance sensor which is able to pick up signals that are up to 22mm away from the screen. This means that it is possible to navigate and perform actions without touching your phone.

The new type of screen that is used on the Sony Xperia Solawill not be able to be instantly used with all aspects of the phone. Sony are hard at work developing new software that can take full advantage of this new technology. The web browser that is included on the phone does incorporate some features that make use of this type of navigation. Links that are contained within internet sites will highlight when the user hovers over them and drop down menus will also activate. Applications however do not feature any support so it will require extra work from developers if this type of display is to become a success. The Sola comes with the Gingerbread version of the Android operating system installed but there will be an update made available for the Ice Cream Sandwich version which will please users as this platform also offers support for hover events. When this software is available users will be able to launch applications and access menu systems without touching their handset.

The Sony Xperia Sola is an impressive and innovative new device that features some really superb screen technology. Users will gain more functionality from the touch free display once the phone updates to the newest Android OS and when third party app developers add more support into their software.

The Sony Xperia Sola is coming soon and the Sony Xperia S is available now.

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