Towel radiators are an amazing piece of technology

Press Release   •   Oct 22, 2010 21:30 BST

Towel radiators are an amazing piece of technology. Did you know that there are a number of different towel radiators available that can match almost any type of décor or style that your home has? It is true that you can use almost any one of these radiators to ensure that your towels are kept warm. However, towel radiators do more than just keep your towels warm. They are able to keep the entire room they are located in warm as well. You will no longer have to heat a room. You will be able to use your radiator to ensure that heat is evenly distributed and kept at a regular temperature all year long.


Some of the most common towel radiators that you will see are going to be those that are purchased from the major home stores. These stores, including Bed Bath and Beyond, sell towel radiators that are most likely going to be electrically powered. You simply plug these devices into the wall and you are able to heat your towels with little to no effort. There are some downsides to using an electric powered towel radiator. For example, you are not going to be able to use the device in rooms without a power source. You must always have a plug for the radiator. It can be used year long however. This is a major advantage for people who need to have warm towels after they have started to use towel radiators and cannot go back to normal towels.


A towel radiator can also be powered hyrdonically. This is where a closed loop of water that is heated by a central air system actually heats your towels. This may seem complicated to people who do not know much about how a towel radiator works but actually is rather simple in practice. Do not worry if you do not understand it, as long as you have your central air system turned on, you will have warm towels. However, that brings us to the major downfall of most of the towel radiator systems. You are not going to be able to have towels warm year round if you use a hydronic system. The central air system in most areas is not kept on all year long. You also will not be able to heat others room with the ambient heat that glows off of the towel radiator in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.


A towel radiator may seem like a strange device to have in your home. However, it is one of the smartest investments that you may make. Having a warm towel after exiting the shower during a cold month can make a big difference to some. Do not think that you have to spend thousands in order to purchase one of these amazing devices. They can be had for a small investment if you know where to shop. Make sure to read everything carefully before making a decision on what you will purchase!

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