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Tower Hamlets, London Borough of (London): Letter to Evening Standard - Mayor

Press Release   •   Oct 27, 2010 13:10 BST

Dear Editor,

Nobody can argue that politics isn’t a difficult business, but it’s unfair to confuse it with the council’s ability to deliver quality services to residents.

Far from being ‘the most rotten borough’ as stated in your paper (22.10.10), Tower Hamlets is among the highest achieving local authorities in the country.

In recent years, we have achieved some huge improvements to local services – driving up educational standards for local young people; delivering 2,059 new affordable homes since September 2009 - one of the highest in London; and nearly tripling recycling rates in the past three years.

Following a petition by residents calling for a directly-elected mayor earlier this year, the mayoral referendum in May found that 60,756 residents (60.3 per cent) wanted a mayor. Last week our new mayor was elected with a turnout similar to that seen in the first Mayoral elections in Newham and Hackney.

Elected through a fair and democratic process the mayor has a clear mandate to improve the lives of residents in the borough, and lead Tower Hamlets through this challenging time of spending cuts.

Rather than dreading the next four years like many people across the country, Tower Hamlets residents have voted to take charge of their own destiny.

Kevan Collins

Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Council


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