Toy Transport Launched Today!

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 19:10 BST

A new toy car ecommerce website called Toy Transport launched today to provide Internet users with a platform to find collectible toy cars to add to their collection as well as an extensive collection of information on toy cars, collecting, and other related information.

Toy Transport was launched today by Marcus Taylor, a 19 year-old online entrepreneur from Oxford UK who has a passion for high performance cars and building his online network of websites, which currently are predominantly music and travel industry based.

The website is currently very targeted at high performance toy cars including toy Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis, but Marcus plans to extend the product range throughout the winter to offer visitors a range of normal cars, classic cars and possibly even other toy vehicles. Marcus says: “Since being a teenager I have had a fascination with high performance cars, in particular Lamborghinis. Toy Transport is a really exciting venture for me as it opens up the opportunity to learn more information about cars and also help others who share my fascination to have a hub that they can go to not only to purchase collectible cars, but to learn about them too".

Although the website launched today, Marcus has commented that it is unlikely to receive significant volumes of traffic until mid 2011 due to the heavy competition and the nature of how search engines treat new websites. Visit Toy Transport now at:

About Toy Transport: Toy Transport are a UK based collectible toy car information website that launched in January 2010.