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Traffic And Capacity Statistics - January 2010

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2010 15:31 GMT

Summary of the headline figures

In January 2010, passenger capacity, measured in Available Seat Kilometres, was 8.3 per cent below January 2009.  Traffic, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres, fell by 7.0 per cent.  This resulted in a passenger load factor increase of 1.0 point versus last year, to 74.2 per cent.  Traffic comprised a 2.1 per cent decrease in premium traffic and a 7.9 per cent decrease in non-premium traffic.  Longhaul premium shows a similar trend to the previous month.

Disruption as a result of heavy snow in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe affected traffic and capacity during the early part of the month, particularly the volume of transfer passengers.

Cargo, measured in Cargo Tonne Kilometres, rose by 6.5 per cent.   

Market conditions

Trading conditions are fully reflected in the interim management statement published today (February 5, 2010).

Strategic Developments

As part of a $2 billion package of enhanced benefits for Japan Airlines put together with oneworld partners, British Airways proposed a radical extension of its co-operation with JAL. This would involve British Airways and JAL establishing a joint business for flights between Japan and Europe and doubling the number of JAL codeshares on British Airways' European flights.

British Airways will increase peak season frequencies on its new services to Majorca and Ibiza, from London City airport which begin in May 2010.

The airline launched its premium sale starting on January 27 through to February 9, 2010 Savings in First included flights to Los Angeles starting from £2,997, New York from £2,487, Seattle from £3,397 and Miami from £2,647.

February 5, 2010

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