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Travel with ease - Book your favorite seat months in advance!

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2010 14:45 BST

Fritidsresors airline TUIfly Nordic has launched a new service that makes it possible for passengers to book their favorite seat months before they travel. This highly sought after service has been made possible by an unique technical development project led by passenger management company Paxport AB.  

As the first and only Nordic Tour Operator, Fritidsresor and TUIfly Nordic in partnership with Paxport, are now able to offer its passengers the possibility to book their choice of seat months before traveling.  – Customers want to know where to sit onboard as early as possible. It is great, as the only charter airline in the Nordic Region, to be able to offer this in demand service, says Bassam el Mattar, General Manager at Fritidsresor, Sweden.

The development work that Paxport has delivered is a solution that allows tour operators to offer services to their passengers well before the booking information is transferred from the travel agents booking systems. This in turn means that, Fritidsresors entire winter program now is open for booking. Favorite seats, extra leg room, festive dinners, extra baggage weight, are some of the options that customers now can book long before their planned trip. 

 - We are very pleased to be able to offer a product that allows Fritidsresor and TUIfly Nordic to give its customers such a highly demanded service. The cooperation with Fritidsresor and TUIfly Nordic is a very important part in Paxport’s long term goal for product development. The fact that we have delivered this product shows that we are in the forefront of our ambitions to create and deliver products that takes the charter industry forward and gives the customers the opportunity to influence their holiday. 

Paxport is Europe’s leading ancillary revenue supplier for the charter airline industry and offers its airline and tour operator customers the means to generate additional revenues by giving passengers the opportunity to buy choice of seating, extra baggage, meals and other products before the flight and a solution for collecting security APIS data – all services have the added feature of giving airlines and tour operators a new touch point to offer sales of products and services to the passenger.

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Paxport has been active in the travel industry as a software and service provider since 1992, when its initial core business was consolidating passenger data for tour operators and leisure airlines. Today, Paxport has become a one stop shop for charter operations that opens the door to ancillary revenue streams. We are experts in passenger management solutions and offer a wide range of innovative products and services. Paxport provides services to more than 60 companies in the airline industry, processing well over 20 million passengers annually. We maximize efficiency by minimizing costs and operational hassle, and we create new opportunities for our customers to increase revenue.

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