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Travelling the world will make you a better entrepreneur claims Gold Vibes

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2018 14:05 GMT

Direct sales and marketing firm Gold Vibes believe that travel is an integral part of human life. The skills you learn and experiences you gain from travel cannot be underestimated. Every minute, of every day, thousands upon thousands of people go on business trips to all corners of the globe. No matter the reason, travel is full of many benefits, even more so for entrepreneurs.

Gold Vibes: About the Firm

The opportunity for travel can often create a fantastic atmosphere for growth as entrepreneurs are faced with adapting to cultural differences, new business practices and problem-solving. Gold Vibes has devised a list of ways entrepreneurs can learn while on their travels.

1.) Resolves issues and the ability to tackle challenges

One of the best descriptions of entrepreneurship is a “minefield” as issues can arise unexpectedly and at any time. Starting up a business and being a successful business owner never happens without a few “what just happened” moments. However, the ability to hand the problematic situations and tasks is what makes a true champion.

The same can be said when it comes to travel. Many situations arise when travelling that put people outside their comfort-zones, every one of them demands an immediate response while requiring an individual to remain a multidimensional problem-solver. Issues such as missed or delayed flights, misplaced passports or paperwork and the need to adapt to new cultures can all come together to bolster entrepreneurs resolve and along with the ability to think on their feet.

2.) Innovation and creativity

Recent research has shown that travelling abroad can have the ability to make the brain far more creative. Adam Galinsky a professor from the Columbia Business school said during an interview: "Foreign experiences increase cognitive flexibility as well as the depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms.” In layman's terms, this translates to being in unfamiliar situations helps the brain learn how to navigate smoothly among different ideas.

This kind of life skill becomes beneficial when situations arise that require new ideas and intuition. An entrepreneur needs to be creative and has more than just a strong backbone. Having innovative and strategies that are outside of the norm can help to propel as well as reinvent a business.

3.) Provides self-confidence and diversity orientation

Travel is one of the best teachers of self-confidence and having the guts to deal with fearing the unknown and overcoming any eventualities. That same fear is often one of the contributing factors that stop business owners from growing. Travel brings out the confidence in how to continue to move forward.

Travel provides the opportunity to learn how different people interact and operate their businesses in different ways. It allows people to demonstrate how they adapt to different cultures diversities.

These same lessons can be related to entrepreneurship. Travel represents a plethora of uncertainties, and business is a road full of many twists and turns, sudden events and demands that require decisive and assertive actions. The modern workplace also requires a need to respect cultural diversity due to globalization. The best way entrepreneurs can learn about this is through travel.

Gold Vibes was formed to offer businesses an opportunity to enhance their marketing strategies. Based in Birmingham, they can operate campaigns for brands big and small across the UK. The active firm's approach means that they can offer quick-to-market campaigns that can raise awareness, boost engagement, and improve the overall customer experience through face-to-face interaction. The firm's methods have been designed to work seamlessly alongside all other departments.


Jake McCall: Managing Director

Our mission is to develop cost-effective approaches that do not impact on quality nor results, through our unique ability to improve customer experience through face-to face-acquisitions and advertising. The ability to demonstrate and answer live questions creates a fantastic platform for a well-informed customer equipped with a strong understanding of how to get the best results using your products or services. Gold Vibes offer an all-inclusive outsourcing package that takes care of everything from design and execution, recruitment, training, and market research.