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Tulikivi – the Scandinavian secret is out

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2016 11:40 GMT

What’s not to love about Scandinavia? Their cool style, moody dramas and famously eco-conscious outlook – but Scandinavian winters can be long, cold and dark with some areas not seeing the sun at all for months on end. Perhaps that’s why, for centuries, Scandinavians have reproduced the warmth of the sun by storing heat in soapstone. In the UK, we may get rain instead of snow, but when there’s a nip in the air we still want to find an efficient and eco-friendly way to heat our homes.

Tulikivi (too-lee-kee-vee) is Finnish for ‘fire’ and ‘stone’. A Tulikivi fireplace takes advantage of a centuries-old, thermal-mass principle. Unlike a traditional fireplace, which sends heat up your chimney, a Tulikivi absorbs the fire’s heat, storing it in soapstone. Then it slowly and gently releases the warmth into your home – long after the fire has gone out. And because the stone is generating evenly circulated radiant heat (like the warmth of the sun) the air in your home will never be too hot or dry, making it much healthier.

From a log cabin in Scotland to a suburban house in Berkshire, real UK homes are already benefitting from this comfortable warmth. Mrs B has a Tulikivi in her Gloucestershire home. “It’s the heart of the home. The dogs are always in front of it, and when my girls get back from school, they’re there too! It keeps the house lovely and warm and we’re burning much less wood than we did with our old, metal stove.” Wiltshire-based owner Mr R agrees. “Everyone who comes to the house loves it. It’s the best money we spent when we renovated our home. Easy and economical, and so much more efficient than an ordinary wood stove.”

With an extensive showroom in the Cotswolds, Tulikivi UK can supply and build your fireplace anywhere in the British Isles.

Tulikivi - Finnish for ‘fire’ and ‘stone’. English for ‘the world’s most beautiful and comfortable home heating system’.

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Tulikivi UK is the sole UK distributor of Tulikivi stoves. Part of the Colmar Ltd group, they are a family business, based in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.