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Two Great Large Screened Devices-The Samsung Galaxy Nexus And Nexus Note

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2011 15:00 GMT

Samsung have firmly established themselves as one of the leading names in the mobile phone world thanks to the success of their excellent Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 handsets. Recently we have seen two new models released by the company in the shape of the large screened Galaxy Note and the eagerly awaited Galaxy Nexus. Here we take a look at the design of both of these models and also check out the screen technology that both of these impressive phones use.

When the Galaxy S2 was introduced one of the stand out features was the excellent Super AMOLED display which gave an image quality that bettered most phones that were available. Technology changes very quickly however and a number of manufacturers have been releasing new screens using even higher quality resolutions so it was important that Samsung kept pace in this area. The Samsung Galaxy Note offers the largest display we have encountered at 5.3 inches. The screen uses Super AMOLED technology which means it produces a wonderfully vivid image with great viewing angles. With such a large screen Samsung wisely opted to give a substantial boost to the resolution in order to maintain a great pixel density. Thanks to the 800 x 1280 resolution this means that a very impressive 285 pixels can be displayed per inch which tops what most current devices can offer. The Galaxy Nexus has gone for another large screen although this time it is slightly smaller at 4.6 inches. Once again the same screen technology is used but this time with a resolution of 720 x 1280. The combination of this with the slightly smaller screen means this model can fit offer a massive 316 pixels per inch which is a figure just short of what the market leader Apple can offer in this department. There really is little to choose between both of these displays and both look superb for any type of material that you wish to view on your handset.

When it comes to design on both of these models then the Samsung Galaxy Nexusovershadows its sibling. This model is obviously more pocket friendly thanks to its smaller display and its overall depth of just 8.9mm makes it one of the slimmest mobiles available. Despite being manufactured using the same materials the phone simply looks more premium with its curved display and stylishly rounded corners. At 135 grammes in weight the model is also 43 grammes lighter than its counterpart making it a much more appealing design in terms of overall size. The Galaxy Note does suffer slightly in this area thanks to the large screen that it uses. The device is physically larger and heavier than the Nexus although potential customers are likely to purchase this model for its large screen so are unlikely to be to concerned by the extra size that the phone offers. Despite the design being more angular and less exciting than the Nexus the phone does feel very well made and durable which is reassuring and it still compares very well against many other large screened smartphones.

Both of these models offer extremely high quality displays that will be of particular interest to anybody looking to use their handset for a lot of video playback or web browsing. Design wise the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has the edge but both phones still offer a premium and durable design.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy Note are available now.

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