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Two Heroes, One Wish & Starlight

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2014 04:30 GMT

Starlight is a game with a unique playing style, where Timothy and Altair are equal partners and not just another boy with another non-playable guardian watching over him. The player controls both characters simultaneously, and uses each of their traits to help the other overcome their obstacles. Timothy cannot be left for long in the darkness and will be startled by the shapes and sounds coming from the places unseen. Altair on the other hand, cannot pass through water, reflective surfaces and several other horrors, that can make things very unpleasant for both heroes. So as the player, you must get Timothy to collect up the pieces of a shattered Sun, while creatively thinking of ways to keep him in the light. Relying on Timothy’s physical body and strong emotions, you can give Altair the freedom he needs to unleash his unique assortment of skills. Imagination is your main weapon in this game, and creative exploration is a must.

Starlight is a fresh look at the traditional fantasy adventure. It covers the journey of Timothy Brave, a boy who is afraid of the dark, and Altair, a sentient shooting star. The two have joined forces to take on a dark world where the Sun has shattered, plunging it into an eternal night. Timothy’s intense fear of the darkness makes it real within his own mind, turning the very shadows themselves into tangible entities that he can interact with in various ways. As a star, Altair continuously projects light around him, keeping the darkness away from Timothy. Furthermore, as Timothy gathers the fallen pieces of the Sun, Altair’s’ light begins to grow. He develops the power to create different forms like Solar Flares, Nova explosions and he can restore the old Sun to its original place. As the game progresses, you must use the characters’ unique traits to mould the world to your liking and explore in dimensions never before seen in mainstream gaming.

Creative Genius is a new company that prides itself on original concepts and untraditional approaches to them. Out of all the games on their production line, Starlight was the obvious choice to be the forerunner of their campaign to create a new generation of gaming figures. It stood out as the best representative of their developers’ philosophy, for its’ unique style and storyline that makes Starlight immediately iconic. There is also a strong focus on fun, dynamic game play, that exists alongside a beautifully crafted appearance, rather then being compromised for it. The game is more challenging the more you creatively explore its’ universe, making it appealing to wide audience and fun to play over and over again.

London based game developers Creative Genius are mere steps away from the finish line of their fundraising campaign for Starlight. With just a little more help, the years most original game will be making its debut this Easter, capturing the hearts of all those that have missed the traditional bedtime stories of their youth.  

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