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Two Leading Camera Phones-The HTC One S And The Samsung Galaxy S2

Press release   •   Mar 24, 2012 05:43 GMT

We have seen a host of new mobile phones launched over the past two weeks that their manufacturers hope will prove popular with consumers throughout 2012. One of the more impressive new models to be unveiled is the excellent HTC One S complete with its powerful processor and excellent multi media capabilities. We put this model up against one of the biggest sellers of 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S2, and see what both models have to offer for photography facilities and processing power.

HTC have made a real effort to make their camera features appeal this year and the HTC One S certainly does not disappoint in this area. The model uses a new type of sensor to ensure that photographs maintain a high level of quality that consumers would not typically expect from a mobile phone. This new BSI sensor is coupled with a camera feature that can photograph images at a very high resolution of 8 million pixels and the results are fantastic. The new Sense user interface that is used on this model features some great new features including a chip that is purely dedicated to still photography. This means that users can take a picture while recording video footage at a resolution of 1080P. More traditional camera features such as an LED flash and autofocus are also present to help users to achieve the very best results possible. The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses a very similar setup to the HTC despite the model being 10 months old. A BSI sensor is once again present and the phone can also record still images at 8 mega pixel resolution. Although this phone does not offer some of the newer features that are present on the One S it is still packed with useful accessories such as touch focus and image stabilisation. Video footage can also be recorded at 1080P standard. Both of these handsets offer great quality in this area and although the HTC boasts some brand new technology the S2 is loaded with a wide range of great features that benefit the user.

The HTC One Sincorporates the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait chipset which makes use of a very high quality MSM8260A processor. This 1.5Ghz processor offers dual cores for excellent speed when performing multiple tasks at the same time. The handset also benefits from a twin channel memory that allows the device to take full advantage of the dual cores that are present. This new chipset also makes use of the very latest 28 nanometre technology which is much more efficient than the more traditional 45 nanometre standard that is used on the S2. The Samsung model does offer a great setup in this area although unfortunately the technology used cannot match what the brand new One S boasts. An ARM Cortex A9 processor is used on this model which is clocked at 1.2 Ghz and features dual cores. An excellent Adreno 225 graphic processing unit is also present to ensure that the S2 remains one of the ultimate phones for playing the latest games titles that are available.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the most popular smartphone in 2011 and the model still features enough quality to help it compete well against many of the new models that are being released. Against the HTC One S there is very little to choose between the two excellent camera packages that are on offer but the HTC phone does outshine its rival when it comes to processing power.

The HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are available now.

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