Two Thirds of Britons Predict iPhone 6 Flop

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2013 15:38 BST

Despite Apple’s impressive sales successes with each of its iPhone handset releases to date, new research conducted by a leading mobile phone comparison site in the UK suggests that the British public don’t hold much faith that this will continue; revealing that 65% of Britons predict that the release of the new iPhone 5S or 6 will not deliver the same sales results for Apple as its predecessors. 

The study, conducted by, polled 2,007 adults aged 18 and over from across the country; in a bid to determine perceptions and attitudes towards the imminent release of the new handset. 

Those taking part were initially asked which brand of mobile phone they currently owned, with the top three answers given listed below:

1.       Apple iPhone (34%)2.       BlackBerry (22%)3.       Samsung (14%)

When asked whether they believed that the new Apple iPhone handset, yet to be released, will prove to be a success in terms of sales, 65% of respondents answered ‘no’. When asked to give a reasons as to why this may be, the top five answers given by respondents were as follows:

1. Samsung increasingly dominating phone market, will affect iPhone sales- (31%)2. Will be too expensive- (26%)3. Apple doesn’t build the quality products it used to- (23%)4. Will be too similar to iPhone 5- (22%)5. People aren’t as excited about new iPhone releases as they used to be- (19%)
When then questioned on which new release will be the stand out phone in the coming months, 49% of respondents forecasted that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be a hit sales-wise;  only 33% leaning towards the iPhone 5S/6.

Adam Cable, Director of, commented on the results of the study:

“The results of this study really took the team here by surprise. The fact that 65% of Britons are essentially expecting the iPhone 5S or 6 to flop is not something we were expecting, especially considering how high the general public’s expectations were regarding the release of the iPhone 4 and 5 in previous years.”

He continued:

“It is well documented that Apple fans trust the brand and have historically been extremely loyal, but with our study highlighting that some of this trust has been lost, particularly in recent months, it will be extremely important for Apple to deliver with the iPhone 5S or 6- whatever they end up calling it!”

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