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Tyent Alkaline Water helps to heal cancer of the stomach!!

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2010 02:09 BST

October 12, 2010 - He went home and composed himself and decided to fight back!! He started trawling on the internet to learn as much as he could about what he was suffering from and what if anything could be done! He consistently found articles all over the net about diets to overcome cancer. However besides the type of food you should eat, one other striking factor kept occurring - alkaline water.

After a CT scan and a minor operation to check to see if the cancer had spread internally, he was told the cancer was localised and that he would be referred to the Oncology Department with a view to start chemotherapy in late March or early April with a view to surgery after the chemotherapy. At this time he also got in contact with us here at This Is Water and Kevin states, "after making the call I believe this machine has definitely changed my life for the better". He purchased the MMP 7070 Turbo water ionizer which is capable of producing alkaline water at various levels to help alleviate acid waste in the body and naturally balance the body's pH level. Kevin states, "By the end of the first day I had calculated about 1.5 litres of alkaline water had passed my lips. Next day I woke after a really excellent night's sleep but the most amazing thing was that the constant pressure behind my sternum that I had endured for all those months had gone completely".

Kevin called me at This Is Water and we shared in his great news, Kevin continued to drink 2 litres a day, and after only a few days started feeling more energetic and wanted to eat again and drink more alkaline water. Kevin stayed at level 1 which was pre set at pH7.0 for 3 weeks and then moved up to level 2 at pH8.5 and has remained on this setting ever since, trying to drink o a minimum of 2 litres per day. Exactly two months after being diagnosed, Kevin started his conventional chemotherapy treatment for 12 weeks, he was given a whole host of anti sickness tablets to take to help with the sickness, but he did not need to take them. The amazing thing is that he has no side effects whatsoever from the chemotherapy!! No sickness; no hair loss; no skin problems, no mouth ulcers, no constipation or diarrhoea, he also maintained excellent energy levels and wanted to get up every morning fresh bright and early. His appetite and healthy weight gain continued, and his blood count remained excellent throughout the treatment period. Kevin even notes, "I actually felt really healthy, and staff at the Oncology Department remarked that I actually looked really healthy despite my treatment".

In May it was time for Kevin's PET scan to assess the cancer and Kevin remarks, "I told my wife I had visualised a figure that the growth had shrunk by, and I had also informed Dennis of my scan and the figure I had wished for". The Oncologists where amazed with the results and said that the growth had shrunk dramatically, by an amazing 85% which is the exact figure that Kevin had told me and his wife! A further 6 weeks of treatment continued with equally impressive results leaving only a 3/4 inch flat area which was more likely to be scar tissue than cancer. Kevin’s body has now been rid of the chemotherapy purely by drinking the alkaline water and he continues to drink alkaline water every day!! In mid September Kevin was told by his Oncologist that no surgery would be required at all, a further course of a 5 week radiotherapy course would finalise the overall treatment.

Kevin stresses that the alkaline water has helped to maintain his good diet and weight level; has made him look and feel 10 years younger, and he will continue to drink the sweet nectar that is alkaline water as he has experienced the true benefits first hand and loves it! Alkaline water has helped Kevin in his battle against cancer, a battle that affects 1 in 3 people, this is something very close to all of us and alkaline water can benefit your health in some many ways, so as always we encourage people to stay hydrated and research into how to improve your health and wellness. Kevin wanted us to add that, "if you find this testimonial inspiring then please feel free to contact Dennis, and he will pass on any questions you may have for me".

Lastly we want to share with you Kevin's closing paragraph: "This has been a remarkable journey for me, and I would like to pass on my deep personal thanks to Dennis for his support and overall attitude and friendship through my ordeal, and finally I want to thank Tyent for manufacturing this machine that has not only changed my life, but helped to save it as well.

This Is Water is the sole UK distributor of the award winning range of Tyent water ionizers and other excellent water health related products supplying the UK and Europe through We see it as paramount to educate people to adopt a more alkaline lifestyle with informed health and wellness choices and this is the belief we want to promote!

Alkaline water is the easiest way to stay healthy through prevention and is also the shortest road to recovery if you have anything less than perfect health! This Is Water provides the UK and Europe with the latest technology; customer service and support that is second to none to ensure you stay happy and healthy.

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