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uber launch crucial guide to customer loyalty and retention

Press Release   •   Oct 12, 2010 08:02 BST


As part of their ongoing efforts to improve businesses customer loyalty strategies, uber – a loyalty marketing consultancy – is promoting its second essential guide designed for those companies looking to implement or improve customer loyalty and retention into their business.

The step by step guide, titled, ‘Dare to be different...11 tips to successful loyalty’ discusses the implementation of loyalty programmes into a business and how to successfully manage customer data by being that little bit different.

One of the key areas involved with customer loyalty is personally getting to know the customer and building a relationship in order to improve customer sales and loyalty.

An extract from the guide says, “Customers realise personalisation comes with time, if the relationship is give and take they’ll share information with you providing you use it to enhance their experience.”

Their other guides, Customer Retention – the Holy Grail and Top Tips for Salons offer crucial advice to businesses on their marketing, loyalty and CRM strategies. They are both currently available via their website.

The team at uber have a wide knowledge of the customer loyalty field combined with 12 years experience in the loyalty marketing industry. With their skill set they understand the key tools for customer retention and how effective marketing campaigns and loyalty schemes can be resulting in bringing more customers through the door.

uber are all about creativity and personalisation when it comes to developing loyalty programmes pulling out all the stops to provide businesses with innovative loyalty marketing strategies and programmes that will truly be of benefit to the consumer.

The team have a proven track record of implementing loyalty marketing strategies for a plethora of clients across a variety of industry sectors. Financial services, fashion, hair and beauty salons and luxury brands are just some of the markets that have approached uber to receive innovative and creative marketing techniques and programmes to successfully work for their businesses and keep their customers happy.

You can request the full Dare to be different...11 tips to successful loyalty via their website http://www.uber-uk.com/11tips-loyalty/ or alternatively call the team on0161 212 1640 to see how uber can help you.