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UK Buyers can buy Prestige Black Label Turbo Yeast from Gert Strand AB of Sweden at Amazon UK

Press Release   •   Dec 20, 2013 10:14 GMT

Gert Strand AB is a well-known brand from Sweden that has a huge range of products designed to help home and professional brewers and distillers. The brand has a large fan following in Europe and its products are available for people all over the UK thanks to Amazon UK. One sturdy product that ensures perfect fermentation is the Prestige Turbo Yeast 14% Black Label Yeast.

Distinguished Swedish brand Gert Strand AB has been a friend to brewers and distillers all across Europe with a wide range of allied products that include high-quality yeasts, essences, wine kits, labels, etc. One product that can ensure excellent fermentation is the Prestige Turbo Yeast 14% Black Label Yeast.

Unlike other delicate yeasts, the Black Label Turbo Yeast from Gert Strand AB has excellent temperature and osmotic or sugar tolerance. This yeast can reward buyers with maximum alcohol with minimum volatility. The Prestige 14% Turbo Yeast has long shelf life that can extend far longer when buyers keep this yeast under refrigeration.

The Black Label 14% Prestige Turbo Yeast (picture here) can reward buyers with alcohols that possess 14 to 17 percent alcoholic strength after only 5 days of fermentation, provided all instructions have been followed. This turbo yeast is available in sachets that weigh 90 grams or 3.15 oz. A single sachet can ferment 25 Liters or 5.5 Gallons. All instructions are printed on the sachet for effective fermentation.

Unlike other yeasts that can only provide weak alcohols or result in stuck fermentation, the Prestige Black Label 14% Turbo Yeast from Gert Strand AB of Sweden is a tough yeast that can survive and continue fermenting in strong alcohols that may have reached higher temperatures during fermentation.

Buyers in the UK too can purchase this product by visiting the Amazon UK website. Amazon UK provides prompt deliveries and free shipping too in case an order value is of 10 Pounds or above. Buyers can easily combine the order of their Prestige Turbo Yeast 14% Black Label Yeast along with other products offered by Gert Strand AB of Sweden to get free door delivery anywhere in the UK.

Buyers all over the UK can now enjoy perfectly fermented alcoholic beverages thanks to Gert Strand AB of Sweden and Amazon UK. This dependable combination allows them to receive high quality products at their doorstep and that too for free once their order value touches 10 Pounds.

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Gert Strand AB of Sweden was established in 1974 and is a dynamic company with a wide range of innovative products that are supplied to the beverage industry as well as to retail clients. Among their range of unique products are Turbo Yeast, Alco Base Turbo yeast, high alcohol fermentation technology with micro nutrients, and flavors for carbonated water for both consumers and the beverage industry. (The beverage industry website of Gert Strand AB is