UK greeting cards market continue to defy competition from the internet

Press Release   •   Mar 01, 2013 12:24 GMT

The UK population spends more than £1.3 billion a year on greeting cards, with the industry leading the world on two counts - design and innovation and per capita send. On average people in the UK send 55 cards a year, 85% of which are bought by women.

Analysis of the UK greeting cards market indicates that the industry is less affected by the economic recession than many other industries, and the UK is still considered to have the largest and most developed greetings cards market in the world.

Cards make us feel loved. Thus there is still a bit of stigma about the likes of e-cards. It's a lovely thing to receive a card from someone, and people certainly don't all buy their cards off the internet - people tend to think that's a bit lazy.

Birthday cards make up the largest sector of the greetings cards market in value terms, and are estimated to command the greatest share in volume terms, as they are most popular form of card purchased across the year.

These cards are almost always bought as individual items, as opposed to in box sets, which adds to their value. As the population continues to grow older, and people live longer, it is predicted that the birthday cards sector has the potential for further growth, with the increase in cards for older generations.

In regards to Christmas and New Year cards, the sector is believed to have been affected by a number of factors over recent years. These include the growing popularity of cheaper box sets, where cards can be obtained at lower prices per card than if bought individually, while overall, younger consumers are believed to be less interested in sending festive cards, reducing sales.

Spring season cards however, which comprise of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's and Easter cards, are believed to have increased in value over recent years, as notably the latter celebration has gathered more sales.

The positive picture that this market report paints shows that despite rocky times on the high street, the increase in online print on demand and the rise of social media, the UK greeting card industry is healthy, vibrant and still a world leader.

Greeting cards remain an ever important part of the UK social culture - people clearly still want to celebrate everyday and special occasions with their loved ones, and to mark many of life's key 'connecting' moments with the sending of a card.

For more information on the UK greeting cards market, see the latest research: UK Greeting Cards Market

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