Acabo Games

UK, here we come!

Press Release   •   Nov 15, 2011 13:33 GMT

London, November 15, 2011.

 ‘The Art of Science’ − a surprise sell out in Sweden last year, is now available to the knowledge-thirsty British public. A challenging trivia game in science and technology, ‘Art of science’ is clearly going against the family-focused board game market of today.

The objective of the game is to collect points in your preferred category of biology, chemistry, physics, maths, technology, or the risk category of ‘miscellaneous’ − which allows the players to excel and compete on equal terms across the board. The game also includes strategic features to increase the level of excitement.

Science profiles like Quentin Cooper, BBC Material World, believes that this is a brilliant game to promote science with. “This game is smartly designed so that it’s fun while stretching your scientific knowledge”. Praise is given by magazines like New Scientist.

Once the game arrived in the UK, a group from the company Acabo Games immediately went on a ”University Tour” to 14 important universities in 2 weeks. “We got a very enthusiastic response, and now for example Oxford and Cambridge are playing our game”, says Lovisa Morner, Marketing director at Acabo Games.

 “Our games are not only fun, they also have an educational value − and what’s more, they are free from celebrity and TV-show trivia”. “The 2000 questions were pooled from a network of enthusiastic academics, professors, PhD students, and first year graduates alike”, says Lovisa. It was clear to us early on that we had tapped into a huge market, as our project became the talk of the campus.

The games can be ordered from the company webshop and will also be sold at selected bookstores and board game stores throughout the UK.

Acabo Games focuses on developing games for students and academics. We produce challenging and entertaining, knowledge based board games and pedagogic tools. The company was founded in 2010 at Uppsala University, Sweden, by a group of entrepreneurs and graduate students with a passion for games and learning.