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UKITA Member IASME praised by Chloe Smith, MP.

Press release   •   Apr 29, 2013 16:37 BST

  • UK Cyber Security Policy receives £650 million of funding
  • Chloe Smith, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, praises IASME in keynote speech at Infosec 2013
  • 100 SMEs will get up to £5,000 grant towards cyber security

A UK IT Association member was praised by a prominent member of parliament in the keynote speech at this year's Infosec conference.

Chloe Smith, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, praised the work done by IASME in creating a cyber-security standard that is specifically aimed at the SME market and for forming a partnership with a local insurance firm to help market the product.

The IASME standard has been developed to give businesses and their customers piece of mind that they are taking every reasonable precaution to combat the threats of cyber-security. Because of this Sutcliffe and Co. are offering discounted insurance premiums for companies who hold the IASME standard.

The approach has won the praise of many in government as an example of how SMEs can work together in a manner that is mutually beneficial but which also helps other small and medium sized companies protect themselves from cyber security threats.

During her keynote speech Chloe Smith said this of IASME:

“Making a difference often relies on the forging of new partnerships – not necessarily between government and industry but business to business. A good example of this is an SME in Malvern, called IASME, a small business that has developed a cyber security standard specifically for SMEs. IASME has partnered with a local insurance provider (Sutcliffe and Co.) underwritten by AIG to offer reduced premiums to those companies that are assured with the IASME standard. This approach is helping to grow these two small businesses, offering an innovative approach to cyber risk management, as well as growing the cyber security market in the local area.”

BIS is also supporting the project and is joining IASME in a series of roadshows aimed at raising awareness of the need for cyber-security while also promoting the IASME standard.

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