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Press release   •   Jun 08, 2014 07:43 BST

The, which is the only faith based Universal Life Church, has setup its own spiritual universal life church radio network so that followers of Jesus Christ can pour their souls into the stream of devotional music. The universal life church radio network is considered as most listened radio station throughout the world. If you want to dip into the stream of devotional music, you can tune your device to iHeartRadio.

Furthermore, if you are an internet geek, you can also listen to devotional music by visiting the official website of You can also enjoy listening to old broadcasts free on-demand by visiting the official website of Universal Life Church. What all you need to do is to just click the option “Listen to ULC Radio”, and then you’ll be transferred to the mesmerizing but spiritual world of Christian music.

Listening to devotional music, spiritual discourses and of course the bible can help you achieving a desired sin-free life. Therefore, knowing the requirements of contemporary people, the brings an exclusive platform called Universal Life Church Radio Network to connect people with the words of God.

In these days, everyone is busy in his or her life, they don’t have time to go church or attend any spiritual meeting. Hence, universal life church radio network helps them to avail the spiritual benefits of knowing the words of God from the comfort of their residences and workplaces. This free radio service is available throughout the world. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, most of the individuals spend a big amount of time with the computer. Therefore, there is also a facility of listening to spiritual discourses and music via internet.

Apart from offering devotional music, spiritual discourses, the universal life church radio also offers special announcements for any spiritual meetings, activities and spiritual counselling sessions. People all around the planet love to listen to universal life church radio to make their lives sin-free. Having introduced the radio facility, the has connected people to the real path of Jesus Christ. You can listen to this radio from anywhere such as sitting at home, driving a car and even just accomplishing your daily office works. This free devotional service is available for everyone irrespective of culture and countries limits.

Having launched the facility of Universal Life Church Radio Network, the has provided a flexible platform to listen to devotional music, spiritual discourses and words of Bible. According to the bible, listening to right words can make your life worth living. Hence, you must avoid listening to devil’s voice. It’s a known fact that Jesus Christ was crucified because of our sins. Therefore, in order to reduce our sins, we must listen to something that brings us towards the path of God.

Moreover, becoming a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ means, you become a disciple of God. Once, you start seeking the blessings of God, the Jesus Christ, son of God, helps you directing in a right path. This is the main reason, why, the only faith based Universal Life Church, offers you a platform that cater your need of listening to spiritual words.

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