United States food preperation appliances market: $2 billion industry in 2012

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2013 16:25 GMT

In 2012, Hamilton Beach Brands continued to lead the United States food preparation appliances market with an 18% volume share. Jarden Corp held second place with a 16% share, and Russell Hobbs was third with a 15% share. The category remains extremely fragmented, however, with a number of smaller players competing within various product categories

In late 2011, the Institute of Food Technologists found that nearly 70% of meals were prepared at home, and this trend continued in 2012. As the economic climate was slow to recover, and the food culture continued to pervade American television, the cooking at home lifestyle continued to hold strong. The at-home food preparation trend was also influenced by the focus on healthier eating and sustainable food choices. For instance, food processors, which can help prepare dough, soups and sauces, saw a 2% increase in volume sales to reach 2.4 million units. Hand blenders, which have often been touted by gourmets in the use of pasta sauces and soups, experienced 2% growth in volume terms to reach 1.3 million units.

Food preparation appliances is expected to maintain steady growth throughout the forecast period, maintaining a 2% volume CAGR to reach 34 million units in 2017. A 3% CAGR is expected in constant value terms to reach US$2.4 billion in the same period.

Key Headlines

- Food preparation appliances has a positive year, growing by 3% in volume terms to reach 31 million units. Current value sales also see a good performance, increasing by 5% to reach US$2.0 billion
- The "foodie" culture, the tough economic climate and healthy eating trends contribute to a continuation of steady growth for food preparation appliances
- Countertop mixers continues to demonstrate strong volume growth, increasing by 8% in 2012
- Although different food preparation appliances experience different growth rates, an overall look at unit prices shows 2% growth in 2012
- Hamilton Beach Brands continues to lead food preparation appliances, holding an 18% share of volume sales in 2012, whilst Jarden Corp and Russell Hobbs both hold 15-16% shares
- Food preparation appliances is expected to grow moderately in the forecast period, with a volume CAGR of 2% through to 2017

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