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Upgrading The HTC One X To Battle With New iPhone 5

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2012 08:38 BST

A handset with a powerful quad-core processor, this is the HTC One X. If you think this is fast, then get ready to be blown away. This is because a faster handset is rumored to be on its way. This handset is expected to challenge the upcoming iPhone 5.

Currently, the HTC One X with its 1.5 Tegra 3 processor is one of the fastest handsets available in the market today. But this is not enough for HTC, and HTC wants to upgrade it and plans to launch a faster version called the HTC One X+.

The rumors about the new One X+ are due to T-Mobile USA’s internal logistics and it is hidden under the code name HTC Era 42. According to information, the launch of this upgraded HTC One X is this coming September. This is the same time as the release date of the iPhone 5.

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