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Uproar Vision responds to an article on the Customer Reward Culture

Press release   •   Jul 20, 2018 14:29 BST

Uproar Vision explores the concept of rewarding loyalty, particularly in an industry that prides itself on the ability to recruit new custom as well as generating and maintaining lasting relationships, an aspect that plays well into the consumer reward culture many big name brands are now adopting.

Uproar Vision: About the company

The customer service and marketing industries have recently taken a strong focus on rewarding existing customers, which is wholeheartedly supported by Uproar Vision, the business practice this each and every day, believing that strong customer service and face-to-face interactions are the key to success.

Multi-national supermarket Sainsbury’s have famously reported spending £60 million in order to take over their now infamous Nectar reward scheme, designed to encourage return custom for both Sainsbury’s and their many partners such as Virgin. Sainsbury’s marketing executives reported that the takeover would go through an “overhaul” to genuinely reward loyalty.

Another large enterprise that has taken a stance on rewarding current customers is the telecommunications company, Sky. The business recently launched a VIP loyalty programme that was implemented in an attempt to reduce the threat from competition coming from Netflix and BT. The reward system was designed to appease customers based on how many years they have been with the firm, over better deals for new individuals.

Virgin Red is a loyalty app that has tapped into this current market, encouraging users to interact and earn points to use how they wish. In 2018, people want loyalty schemes to be easy, convenient and to have control. The feedback we got was ‘I don’t want more admin, just make sure I’m a loyal customer, and you reward that behaviour’,” stated Gaelle Comte, head of consumer at Virgin Red.

Uproar Vision are experts in generating high levels of customer service and are ecstatic at the way the consumer market is headed with a focus on new clients as well as loyal and return custom. This is an aspect the company is keen to encourage, as their primary focus is to generate lasting relationships for their clients.

Uproar Vision are the Watford-based outsourced sales and marketing business that has become renowned in their industry. The company prides themselves on their ability to engage with customers, handle inquiries and instill confidence in their consumers.



Managing Director: Claristelle Labrador

As a direct marketing company we specialise in below-line customer acquisition. Our main focus is to bridge the gap between our clients and consumers using face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. We begin each campaign by carefully identifying the USP of the products and services, then from there we research the target market to ensure we generate maximum exposure. It is an extremely quick process from planning to implementation.