US small pet market dominated by the ownership of fish and birds

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2013 09:49 GMT

After a noticeable recessionary slump, ownership within the US small pet (fish, birds and small animals) market is on the rebound. Marketers can take advantage of an improving industry by leveraging the connection consumers have with their pets.

While research into the human-animal bond tends to focus on the special relationship between people and dogs that has evolved over thousands of years, today's pet owners do not limit their connection with animals to dogs -- or cats -- alone. A wide range of other animals have found their way into the households and affections of pet lovers.

There are currently 116 million fish, birds, small mammals, reptiles and other such pets, including 7.2 million households with fish tanks, 4.6 million with bird cages and 1.8 million with reptiles, while 2.5 million adults own rabbits.

Owners of birds and fish tend to be young and multicultural and are much more likely to be urban cliff dwellers residing in apartments, condos or co-ops in large cities, especially in the Northeast. Marketers will find these Gen-Y pet owners to be highly engaged with social media.

Bird owners, for example, are 37% more likely than the average pet owner to purchase products advertised on a social sharing website and are 24% more likely to place greater trust in product information they get on a social sharing website.

Parents and children play a significant role in the US small pet market, with the report showing that owners of small animals were much more likely to have children in their households.

Nearly 90% of households with hamsters have children, and 87% of those have children younger than 12 years. About 60% of households with fish, rabbits and reptiles have children younger than 18 years.

For more information on the US small pet market, see the latest research: US Small Pet Market

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