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Utopia Creations host workshop on explaining the key traits for masterful leadership

Press Release   •   Jan 03, 2018 16:02 GMT

Leeds based sales and marketing experts,  Utopia Creations believe that a solid leadership foundation is the difference between successful and unsuccessful individuals and companies.

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Utopia Creations recently held a workshop for their staff and contractors on mastering the art of leadership, in order to help them take their careers to the next level. The workshop discussed four key topics the company felt were important when it came to leadership they are:

Stay true to your original vision:

Great leaders are constantly balancing two plates of opposite skills, focusing and sensing external behaviors while also being able to offer conviction internally. They are sensitive to external cues from their rivals, customers, and staff. But at the same time, have the internal judgement to push a visionary agenda, even if its unpopular amongst staff but for the greater good of the business.

Make sure to communicate often and clearly:

Outstanding leaders have the ability to communicate the businesses mission and big ideas to their teams and clear any obstacles so that their team can execute a plan effectively. The ability to keep all departments and people within a business moving in the same direction is critical in this day and age.

Leave your ego at the door:

It’s a known fact everyone has an ego, big or small. However, some people are unable to control theirs. Leaders understand that the end goal isn’t about themselves, being able to keep your ego at bay will prove to be a key trait, and can often have a significant impact on the business.

Always be willing to learn, and get rid of any stubbornness:

Persistence, regular communication and constant self-improved are traits that should be practiced by good leaders and should be nurtured in others. Being a leader is a continuous learning curve, great leaders will never stop learning or perfecting their skills in order to adapt to their environment.

Utopia creations have big goals for 2018. Managing director Rebecca Haigh decided to host the workshop with the idea of helping the firm’s newest recruits to hone in on their leadership skills.

Utopia Creations are passionate about face-to-face marketing and believe great results are born from personalisation and positivity. They aim to deliver campaigns that get people talking, and inspire action. Every campaign created is 100% bespoke as they firmly believe that there is no one size fits all approach to marketing.




Rebecca Haigh

Managing Director

Utopia Creations