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Vanilla essence gives coffee a lighter, softer taste

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2010 05:22 GMT

Coffee is today a global industry. Most of our coffee is produced in South America, and the increasingly common specialist shops have an incredible variety of coffee broken down by type, size, flavour and origin. For connoisseurs it is a complex world where every nuance is important.

The number of coffee bars is also increasing every year, along with the selection on their menus. There are many different ingredients, and the expertise necessary to create the different coffee drinks can sometimes take several years of study. The days when coffee involved a cup of black filter coffee with a splash of milk and a sugar lump are long gone.

Coffee is usually an all or nothing taste, either you love it - as most people do - or you hate it. Coffee isn't a flavour you are born liking, but once you are hooked there is no going back. For many the scent and flavour conjure warm, safe images of times past. Coffee has been a part of the Swedish home since the mid 1800s, and today most adult Swedes are coffee drinkers. The caffeine in coffee is refreshing and mildly addictive, and for many the drink is a lifesaver during long work days.

Experimenting with different flavours in coffee can be an enjoyable experience, with spices and various syrups available for this purpose. The downside of syrups is that they tend to be real calorie bombs, consisting for the most part of pure sugar, which does not fit so well with the health conscious adult of today. For this reason most people avoid flavouring their coffee, or do so very rarely and only on special occasions.

Now there is no need to abstain from flavouring your coffee, at least not for health reasons. Gert Strand AB has, under the brand name Aromhuset, developed four lively flavours for coffee which are totally free from both sugar and artificial sweeteners. Aromhuset's coffee essences contain not a single calorie, and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience as often as you like.

The small bottles contain 30 ml of essence, which is enough for 15 cups of coffee according to the recommended dose. Dosing is simple using the cap from the bottle - 2/3 of a cap per cup of coffee - or with the accompanying pipette.

Vanilla is one of the flavours from the selection. It is creamy, soft and sweet, and gives coffee sense of lightness. It is suitable for anybody who enjoys the taste of vanilla, and in combination with coffee it is a sure fire hit! The other three essences are Chocolate, Hazelnut and Amaretto.

Gert Strand, the man behind these exciting coffee essences, is currently seeking more resellers for the new flavours. For the moment they are available from, amongst other places,

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