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Vas Promotions Comment on Brands Investment in Talent Retention via Development Opportunities

Press release   •   Jul 24, 2018 11:23 BST

“Many companies are losing top talent because of a lack of development opportunities,” argues Vas Promotions. The elite direct marketing agency was encouraged by a recent article on brands that are investing in talent retention to develop the leaders of the future.

Vas Promotions: About the firm

Managing Director at Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu read a recent Marketing Week article with great enthusiasm and interest. The article was an introduction to companies that are waking up to the importance of investing in their employees’ long-term careers.

Data from Marketing Week’s 2018 career and salary survey has shown that 81% of respondents suggest they are likely to change jobs within three years and 38% will do so by the end of the year. Savvy businesses are beginning to understand that to secure long-term commitment from employees they need to invest in professional development, through either graduate schemes or bespoke brand academies that take a cross-functional approach to development. This change in attitude towards development is helping brands position themselves as long-term career destinations.

Broadcaster UKTV is arming its employees with in-depth knowledge of how the marketing industry works via their brand academy programme. Launched in April, the programme includes sessions specifically geared towards supporting the marketing, media, communications, social and creative teams. Fifty sessions are planned for the year, ranging from ‘MindWok’ lunchtime talks with inspiring speakers to half-day workshops.

Food group, Kerry Foods, focuses on building the foundations for a long-term career as soon as employees enter the business. The firm hires 25 graduates a year across Ireland and the UK for its two-year graduate scheme. They employ a 70/20/10 training model: 70% of the graduate scheme is about learning on-the-job skills such as leadership, brand planning and how to manage agencies, 20% is learning from others, with each new start being allocated a senior mentor. The final 10% is comprised of formal training on topics including commercial negotiation, operations and problem-solving. As a graduate of the scheme, CEO Duncan Everett is proof of its success.

Vas Promotions believe that if companies want to attract and retain top talent, they need to offer development opportunities. The Birmingham-based direct marketing agency is dedicated to helping aspiring professionals to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. They offer a business development programme where they coach and train individuals in the fundamentals of their business. In addition to business management skills, they provide insight and guidance on financial planning, reviewing industry and consumer trends, leadership skills and how to approach and form professional relationships with clients and consumers.

Award-winning entrepreneur and owner at Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu is a passionate business coach and mentor who relishes the opportunity to help aspiring professionals learn, grow and develop and he is pleased to see that companies are now committing to development.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham. They are passionate about exposing consumers to a product or service that resonates with them. The Birmingham-based firm is delighted that companies are now adopting their commitment to development, nurturing talent into future leaders.



Vasile Topciu: Managing Director

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