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Ve Interactive opens Stockholm office to serve the Nordic Ecommerce Market

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2011 09:45 BST

Ve Interactive, the award-winning British digital marketing and software consultancy, is today delighted to announce that it has opened a new office in Stockholm, Sweden to serve the Nordic ecommerce market. Ve Interactive Nordic AB will be providing the VeCapture shopping cart abandonment and VeContact remarketing solutions, as well as offering its Ve Services digital marketing to online merchants in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Headed up by Johan Hagenfeldt CEO and Bjorn Antonson CFO, the new office, (based in the same building that communications giant Ericsson was founded in!) will allow Ve Interactive to facilitate working with Nordic clients from an ideally-situated location and the team there can build on already established connections to help grow the business.
“The ecommerce world is already highly sophisticated in the Nordic territory and as a result, Swedish consumers shop online the most out of all other European countries,” explained Johan Hagenfeldt, CEO of Ve Interactive Nordic AB, “we are therefore very excited to have this opportunity to bring a proprietary digital marketing solution to the online retail market in the Nordic countries.”
According to the World Internet Project, Sweden is in the top three countries of the world with the most Internet shoppers. Indeed an impressive 91 percent of Swedish people use the Internet to buy products or services and ecommerce is now 4.5 percent of the total consumer retail market. However, on average over 56 percent of Swedish Internet shoppers abandon online transactions and this is where Ve Interactive Nordic will come in.
Ve Interactive Founder-CEO David Brown in the London office explains; “the benefits of having fully-equipped offices in local territories is that Ve Interactive can utilise local resources and talent to facilitate serving those markets in full. As a positive by-product, Ve Interactive’s carbon footprint also remains low, because we will not need to be flying people from the UK.
With our existing operations in Boston, USA and Sydney, Australia we already have over 600 clients worldwide who are enjoying shopping cart conversion rates as high as 70 percent from our data capture and remarketing solutions, and so we are excited to now be expanding into the digitally-advanced Nordic markets.”
Ve Interactive Nordic is now open for business.

Established in London, late 2009 - award-winning Ve Interactive is a digital marketing software and consulting company, specialising in online efficiency technologies, as well as strategic online reviewing and optimisation planning. Its collective endeavours have meant that Ve Interactive has now also opened offices in Boston, USA, Sydney, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. It has a high client retention rate, and its clients are seeing exponential growth from using its software and services. Ve Interactive has already been honoured with a utalkmarketing Award for Most Innovative Start Up 2011 and a Best Business Award 2011. It also gained another prestigious nomination for Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010.

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